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“We’re Star Treking, across the universe. We will go, real, real, far cause we can’t find reverse.” It is a line from a cute little song that was inspired by the television show Star Trek. It is just one small example of what is a title wave of pop culture, jokes, music, clothing, and even festivals that were all inspired by a less than successful television show that aired for three seasons in the late sixties. If anything, Trek proved the general incompetence of television executives in realizing exactly what they have and that the Nielsen Ratings system was not quite as accurate a tricorder. The franchise not only lived on but, exploded into a cultural event that was a juggernaut on the big screen and in syndicated television for nearly three decades. Yet, here we are, fifty years after the first show and I’m not so sure that the TV executives have learned a great deal since the late sixties. The irony here is that Trek is now the big kid on the block and, just maybe, it’s time has no longer come but, passed us by.

We are all used to seeing reboots, remakes, sequels, and nostalgia driven entertainment. These days it’s aimed at people my age and I find this really strange that there is anything to be nostalgic about because, back in the eighties, nostalgia was just as big. The only difference is, back then, it was the 1960’s they were selling. It was so prominent that one pop culture magazine writer had to ask, “the retro sixties boom is so dominant that I wonder what will be there in twenty years to be nostalgic about?” At the time I agreed with the sentiment but, here we are in the future now, and I supposed it has proven me wrong and entertainment money is still following the old principle, if it works beat it to death with a stick.

I have to question CBS and their move to reboot the old Trek series. We know little about it, so far, but we have been told they intend to revive the old characters and give us a new show about them. That makes me wonder, didn’t those guys see JJ’s latest attempts to do just that? Those movies might have had some success at the box office but, beyond that they were unqualified failures in content where, ultimately, the actors were just doing imitations, of the original actors, more than playing the actual characters. At the same time JJ did not think his material through, very well, and created a plot that pretty much made his central universe, that of Star Fleet, obsolete. If you can beam people from one planet to another, what do you need starships for?

The real question raised by the movies seems to be, is Star Trek even updatable? While many fans, desperate for more of the TNG universe, all say yes, what I think many are missing is the fact that TNG became as obsolete as JJ’s Star Fleet while it’s succession of shows were still on the air. That was how we got Enterprise, which was supposed to have more grit while getting back to the basics of what Trek was all about, exploration. I hate to say this because Enterprise was actually one of my favorites but, it ultimately failed. It ticked off hard core fans and failed to win over a new generation of Trekies. I think that about proved that Trek had reached it’s conclusion and should exit stage left.

Star Trek was basically about two things. It was a hopeful bright future and how we can use technology to solve our problems. It definitely reflected the mindset of it’s times on the most basic of levels but, how much of that really applies today? Trek actually inspired an entire generation of scientists and engineers who went on to completely out date the technology we see on the show. While little things can be updated, much of the core technology used by Star Fleet, that which made it Star Fleet, has actually been surpassed meaning that in a few hundred years, when the show is set, we all now know that the future would not look anything like that.

That leaves us with the bright, hopeful, and optimist future that Roddenberry envisioned. I have seen many clamor on message boards that we will always need this brand of optimism. What it says to me is that those who say this really missed the entire point by not understanding what that optimism was. I suspect that is because many of those opining had not been born when the original show aired. While it is somewhat true that the show portrayed this optimism in the spirit of all humans getting along, that was quite often counter balanced by the fact that all humans were not getting along with other species, even allies, and that these species were stand ins for contemporary social and political issues.

No, the cooperation was not the optimism because Star Fleet had more than it’s fair share of conflicts with aliens including the Romulans and Klingons who were stand ins for the Russians and Chinese. Star Trek, and many of it’s plot lines were definitely about the cold war which, when the original series was on the air, was at it’s peak, so, the cooperation thing was not the optimism. The rose colored future was actually the fact that the show predicted there would even be a future! In the late sixties there was a prevailing attitude that this was a remote possibility due to the nuclear arms race and Trek was one of only a handful of voices in pop culture that contradicted this cynical view. Of course, if you didn’t live through that period, it’s probably hard to understand it, even if you know about it. It is definitely a “you had to be there” kind of feeling.

Very few people remember that now and most of your audience was not even born yet. That takes some of the edge out of the Trek arsenal and leaves you with, what? Maybe they can hope for a remake in the Battlestar Galactica style but, is that really Trek? I know the movies were sure not, where they replaced exploration with war, revenge, genocide, intrigue, terrorism, and the questionable morality of Star Fleet itself. How much more can we expect from a television show? JJ Abrams proved, ironically, that Trek has no future in the very future it helped create. I have to wonder if CBS is about to show us that you can’t find that reverse thruster either.

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Welcome to Bmovievillain's Cliffhangers on Deviant Art. This is where I display most of my works that relate to really bad movies with villains, hero's, and damsels in distress. Everything here is original as this is more a homage to the genre than any specific film. The pictures you see here are called renders. I create them using computer programs, such as Poser, Daz, and a few others. They are not manipulations or photoshops. I create virtual 3 Dimensional models out of wire frame polygons, paint them, and then "snap a picture" of the scene I have created in the virtual computer world. That's what a render is. The models you see here are mostly of real people that I have recreated virtually by free hand and a good old fashioned eye ball.

This page is not for the faint of heart. If you are a minor, are offended by nudity, violence, or computer art then don't bother. If you think that danger and adventure are fun and sexy, then this is page is most likely for you. You can also find a variety of stories here. Most fit into the B Movie genre although a few do not. There is always new material here along with many of my classic pictures from my yahoo days. There is an extensive library so, I hope you enjoy!


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I guess, technically speaking, I always have muahahaha!!!
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In any case, as always I am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!
bmovievillain Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
They are renders. I make 3D models of people and things, I texture them, then I make them into a 3D environment and "snap a picture" of what I have created. I use several programs to do this but, the final renders are almost always done in Poser.
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hey with what do you create these picture?
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As I noted six months ago, I wish you would get away from the "Perils" theme and instead use your considerable talent to depict slave girls and slave markets in Ancient Greece, Rome, Gor, and Arabia.  Mild corporal punishment and fetters are OK, but no sick-o mutilation stuff please.
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