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If not for the internet then no one would be seeing any of my pictures or reading my humble opinion. Thanks to this futuristic technology I can even know how many people are reading this opinion! All I have to say about this is, the net isn't as cool as jetpacks and given a choice, I think I would have preferred to be flying around right now as opposed to typing. Even so, I'm a long time net user. I was logging in on telnet (most of you kids probably do not even know what that is) as far back as the eighties and, back then, if you wanted a home net account they charged you by the minute. Data transfer was even more expensive than long distance phone calls, something else that the kids in my audience probably don't remember.

At the risk of sounding like an old fart here, I miss the old days! Yeah I know, back in my day we had to walk all the way across the room to change the channel on the TV, and it was up hill! In both directions! And we didn't have no shoes! And it was snowing! I have to comfort myself with the fact that while this may have been true, at least there were only three or four channels to change back when my parents used me as the remote control. Something else that seemed just as comforting was that, no matter which of those channels we watched, the next day it was a sure bet that most everyone I knew had also watched it. It was a shared experience that shaped those of us in my age range. It gave us a collective experience, that I have found, has kept right on shaping us even as we all get near retirement. Of course, then came cable and instead of three channels, of mostly crappy programing, we got thirty channels of mostly crappy programing.

Cable only got bigger of course. They kept expanding the number channels but, not the amount of programing. You also got locked into monopolies that could charge whatever they wanted and were guaranteed this status by the nature of the technology itself. Then came the net. I miss the old days of the internet more than I do of television. TV was already heavily controlled, regulated, and monopolized when I was born. The internet used to be like the wild west. It was literally a new frontier and those of us on it were a small minority. We lived with insults from the larger world due to misconceptions about what the net was. Little did all those people know how much they would have to use it in the years to come. I think I would rather still live with the insults because once everybody got on the net, the money followed, and the regulations came soon thereafter. It also changed everything else and that includes television!

Dish Network has recently dropped the granddaddy of Cable News, CNN. Dish also dropped several smaller channels that fell under the Turner Networks umbrella, including The Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, and a few others.  On December 5th, if Turner and Dish do not reach an agreement, TBS and TNT, the networks two flagship channels, will also get dropped. The CEO of Dish has called the loss of CNN a "non event." Apparently nobody even noticed and very few have complained. Why is this happening? How can the big and mighty CNN, a network that world leaders once used to pass sticky notes to each other, get canned without even a whimper? Welcome to the new world where the eight hundred pound gorilla is no longer the boob tube. It is now the technology that TV anchors used to spin as a tool of child molesters, the internet.

This goes well beyond where people are now primarily getting their news, ie the net. It is true that this is playing it's part but, the technology of video, audio, and computing power has been slowly merging. I have to admit that it has emerged into something that I did not quite expect. The cell phone has now replaced the traditional land line, the television, audio media, and the computer. It has also caused media giants to go on another spree of shifting their business strategies to survive. Hence we have the dispute between Dish and Turner (aka Time Warner). This fight is also not unique as Dish has had similar disputes with Viacom and the parent company of channels like AMC. Other package providers have also had their squabbles with the service providers. What disturbs me the most is where this heading.

Just like with the recent Net Neutrality battles, slowly the middle men (ie Internet Service Providers and Cable Companies) are now structuring the entire electronic medium so that they can make money and stay in business. The day is coming when what shows you can watch, what websites you can reach, and even what music you can download will depend on who your ISP or Cable company is. You will no longer be able access everything. It is almost like we are coming full circle and returning to the day when there were only a few channels to watch. The only difference is that, back then, you were limited because the technology was. Now you will be limited because the technology is not and the big guys can cut you off just because it is hurting their pocket book.


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Welcome to Bmovievillain's Cliffhangers on Deviant Art. This is where I display most of my works that relate to really bad movies with villains, hero's, and damsels in distress. Everything here is original as this is more a homage to the genre than any specific film. The pictures you see here are called renders. I create them using computer programs, such as Poser, Daz, and a few others. They are not manipulations or photoshops. I create virtual 3 Dimensional models out of wire frame polygons, paint them, and then "snap a picture" of the scene I have created in the virtual computer world. That's what a render is. The models you see here are mostly of real people that I have recreated virtually by free hand and a good old fashioned eye ball.

This page is not for the faint of heart. If you are a minor, are offended by nudity, violence, or computer art then don't bother. If you think that danger and adventure are fun and sexy, then this is page is most likely for you. You can also find a variety of stories here. Most fit into the B Movie genre although a few do not. There is always new material here along with many of my classic pictures from my yahoo days. There is an extensive library so, I hope you enjoy!


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bmovievillain Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
bmovievillain Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Glad you enjoy my work. Just a comment on your suggestions. First, all of the models you see are made from real people. I don't control what they look like, I just make digital models of them. They are what they are. Second, there are plenty of slave girl pictures here but the majority of my audience wants peril, of which there is not any major sources on the net. I serve that community first and foremost even if I do quite a bit of variety.
Leningrad666 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Like your first class artwork.  However, I suggest:  (1) young women be a little less plump and with somewhat smaller breasts, (2) you get away from the "distress" theme in favor of young female slaves in the ancient world. 
Mdyck09 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
one of my favorite galleries on da
TaraThorson Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I really Heart  your work. Can I recommend CaptainZammo, YvonneCraig, and CatwomanOfTheSouth to you.
Passion with Heart  Tara Kiss Kiss Kiss .
netrap Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
    To quote Bob Wills--"You're a man after my own heart--with a razor!"

    As a writer (on several Yahoo groups) who likes to come up with ingenious perils, I have to appreciate somebody who has a similar talent.  And while you do rely on some of the time-tested tropes, you sometimes find something new to do with them. 
    As I am more interested in the perils themselves, rather than the sweet young things you put in them, I must tell you that I check you out every day to see what you have devised.  I am tempted to steal from you for some of my prose works.  You're that good!
Leningrad666 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Really first class artwork!

Recommend you try some fresh themes, however, such as slave girls in Ancient Rome or on Gor  The subjects do not have to be "in distress."
neopook Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
What can I say. Every fantasy artfully done and conceptually on the mark. Great work.
buttoneer Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Pendulums... Mmmmmmm! ;-)
russellcattle Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014

Kudos to you, and to the daring ladies who keep us entertained in true cliffhanger fashion!

The perils that the ladies undergo make me shudder.  I was beginning to wonder why they do it. Why do they put themselves at such risk?  What can possibly explain their adventurous spirit when time after time it puts them in such danger?

Then a theory occurred to me:  

They want to go out with a bang;  they are in search of the perfect morgue-asm.

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